Information Technology is not limited to network set up and service today. In the language of Broaden, IT means consultancy and complete services, such as System Designs, Testing, Set up and Maintenance, of various types of integrated solutions. On top, Broaden is also providing solution on the new Audio/Video system for the ease and convenience in business environment.

SX20 - Promotion
The SX20 includes a Codec, Precision HD 1080p Camera, Performance Mic & remote control. Multimedia & presentation sharing
DMX-0404M - Promotion
DMX-0404M is multi video card cage matrix system.The Multi Video Series has a variety of cards to choose from to simplify the installation and reduce the external component count. HDMI, DVI, HDSDI, VGA, CAT, and Fiber cards are just some of the choices available.

We provide all-in-one network solution. Our solution is easy to set up and manage but flexible enough to grow and change along with your business.

Make your data and apps through the network more easily reliably and securely. Enable your team to communicate more naturally, anywhere, anytime.

New  hybrid in-wall touch panel. The panel also has line in/out audio for volume control and MP3 playback. In addition, option can be added to allow for off the shelf Bluetooth headsets to be used as a microphone for the system.
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